Institute of Water and Flood Management

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh



Phone: +88 01715 547 169, +88 02 966 5601; Fax: +88 02 966 5601


Ph.D. (Coastal Engg.), Drexel University, USA.
M.S. (Civil & Environmental Engg.), University of Rhode Island, USA.
B.Sc. Engg. (Civil), Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology.


Dr. Khan is a water and delta management expert with special interests in urban processes, urbanizing deltas and urban design. He has more than 20 years of practical experience of working in developing, managing and implementing research, academic, consulting and capacity-building projects. Through advanced training and collaborative work with global multidisciplinary partners and in multi-cultural settings in several delta countries including the Netherlands, Dr. Khan has developed a broader interdisciplinary understanding of urbanizing delta challenges, and has the capacity to integrate methods and approaches from various disciplines including water engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, spatial planning and landscape architecture. In his collaborative research, often inspired from the comparative Dutch and Bangladesh contexts, Dr. Khan explores critical issues related to water-, nature- and climate-sensitive infrastructure, urban flooding, community resilience, sustainable urban and delta development, adaptive delta management, adaptation pathways and tipping points, decision-making under uncertainty and inclusive planning and governance.


Delta, coastal and urban processes, Coastal hazards and vulnerability, Community resilience, Urban water systems, Hydro-climatic vulnerability and adaptation, Participatory, adaptive and interdisciplinary approaches to water and delta management.





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